Blogging for Successss

5 Simple Steps Guide: How to Make Money Creating Your Own Blog

Why is Blogging so popular these days? It is because blogging is simple to everyone. Everybody wants to be heard, so blogging is the best way to express their opinions and thoughts. Best channel for us to express our thoughts, views and even our feeling.

Nowadays, blogging is not only providing a way for us to express our ideas, opinions, and feelings, but blogging provides everyone an opportunity to earn money. If you’re interested in making money through online, let’s try out blogging. It’s providing you financial return on your investment of both time and energy.

Creating a blog is as simple as following few clear steps. Go through all the tips on how to get your own blog to earn an income in a simple way. So you’re wise to consider starting your own blog to make a profit.

Blogging does not need IT professional knowledge or expertise in technology as it does not require for website and domain name. What you need to know is how to type, and you can make a blog.

Blogging for Successss
Blogging for Successss

Step 1: Sign up with blogger ( is one of the most popular free blogging in presence. Purchased by Google in 2003, offers the option for anyone to create a blog or more blogs in a matter of minutes. provides the web space so that users don’t incur any hosting charges. So blogging offers your opportunity to earn money without spending money as the user of is free of charge.

If you have existed Google Account, please sign in at the provided space for existing Google account space, if not, please click on the link provided for new Google account to sign up a Google account.

Step 2: Create your own blog : title and address (URL)

After creating account, please log in to Blogger and click ‘create your blog now’ on the Page Dashboard’.

The blog created. How are you going to start your blog? Firstly, figure out what topic you are going to write about. There are three markets that I would suggest you to think about it; Love and Relationship, Finances and money, Fitness and healthy. Try to focus on the above topics to guarantee your success and income.

Besides, a massive tip is to keep trying and make your article title as unique as possible. Example, comparison between the title of “How to lose weight” and“how to lose weight Naturally and Healthy”, the second title will be more attractive because of the word “Naturally and Health”. Google will pick up your articles almost instantly and display them in the natural search engines and your article will be more likely to search by people because of the different wording. Compare to the second title, the title of “how to lose weight” won’t give you traffic as your title is too common and simple, too much people will already will have this. Thus, a unique article title will most likely to be appeared in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN. Do you get the idea?

Step 3: Post Article and design your Blog

a) Post Article

After sharing some tips about the article title, what you need to do is just type your article title in the provided space of write your article. The following step is to figure out your article content. Compare to article title, the content do not need to be special, unique, professional or world-class standard. It can be a little, short and simple article. In the case of “how to lose weight naturally and healthy”, the content can be very simple such as eat fruit 5 times a day or something. Moreover, the article does not need to be long as few pages, can be something like 2-3 paragraphs. Done for the article title and content, the last step is to click on the button “Publish Post”.

b) Design your template

You can edit your template, background, adjust widths, layout and advance setting with Blogger Template Designer according to your own style. After creating an existing blog, you’re free to updating your blog at anywhere and anytime. As long as you can get online, you can publish to your blog. So if you’re not blogging yet, what are you waiting for?

Step 4: Sign Up for an affiliate program and link the advertisement to your blog.

  • Affiliate Program is a marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts, and they have literally hundreds of affiliate programs to promote in any areas of online marketing. They are all free to join.

You’re here to be suggested LinkShare, which is one of the famous affiliate programs. LinkShare is an e-commerce business solution for over 3.5 million online relationships. What are you waiting for? Let join LinkShare Network for free and provide an opportunity to earn money by linking to over 500 premier online merchants. Sign Up linkShare Now.

  • After sign up linkShare, get the Link HTML code like image below;

There are several types of link such as Banner link, text link & email link &, etc

  • How to place the link code to your blog?

It’s so straightforward. On the page of blog design, click “Add a Gadget” and click HTML/JavaScript for the next step. Lastly, copy the link code that you have chosen to the content space and save it. The advertisement will link to your blog successfully.

So, whoever is on your blog, they will notice your article and
advertisement. And you will earn the commission if anyone who buy the products or service by clicking on the advertisements that related to your article page.

Step 5: Promote your blog to everyone

How to promote your blog to everyone? The best way is to build the traffic as much as possible. As without blog visitors, you won’t earn money no matter how good is the article content. So spend some time on building the traffic to advertising your blog. The more traffic you have, the high chances you earn the money.

Congratulation. You are done for the blog set-up and ready to earn money through your own blogs. You are welcome to join more than one affiliate program with your blog without any charges. Lastly, you’re wise to beauty your blog (choose template), try to add more color to your article content and take a look of others blog as your references.

Final reminder, try to promote your blog every day, get more traffic, traffic, and more traffic! You will become the successful blogger and earning the considerable income.

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