Backup Wordpress to Dropbox

How To Automatically Backup Of WordPress Website To DropBox

Nowadays website hacking or security issue is much thinkable matter. Many sick persons were experimenting their skill by hacking someone’s website! That’s really true story. Even I had like this experience. So, we need a backup of our website, if any bad thing happens then, we can restore our website. There is several way to take backup of a website. Specially I am talking about WordPress website. WordPress has lower security than others CMS. For that, the backup website is more necessary. We do this, yes we do but with less pain. In this post, I am going to show you how to take automatic backup of your WordPress website. WordPress CMS users should know about the plugin. I am going to show a process of taking WordPress auto backup to DropBox.

Many WordPress backup has in plugin directory. You might bother to test every one by one. I’m here to bypass this disgusting experience. I am working with Private Blog Network with WordPress. That’s why I need to use many plugins for my own needs. Ultimately I use plugin for taking my website backup. I was used WP-DB-Backup for taking my websites database backup. I made weekly database backup into my email. But recently I feel for having made a backup like, root directory files and database backup too. I searched into Google for getting a good backup plugin. Finally, I have got two effective and 100% satisfaction able plugin. Now I am explaining about this two plugin.

If you haven’t a DropBox account, then create an account first. Go here to register for free 2 GB space. You can earn more space by referring your friends, also some way to earn space by doing small sharing! Install their free app to get charming facility as regular hard drive and easy share files to your friends and family.

WordPress Backup to Dropbox

WordPress Backup to DropBox is a complete backup solution plugin. It backup all files and database into an archive file and send this file to DropBox. You can take a manual backup, or you can schedule it for your wishes time date. If you are really want to take your website backup into DropBox, then follow this instruction.

Go to download this plugin and install it then active by clicking “active” after successfully uploaded this plugin into your website plugin directory. This execute path should be like this, Plugins>Add New>Uploads I hope you will do it with cheer. Now you have to open this new plugin setting. You can see WPB2D tab under the setting. There is three option, Backup Setting Backup Log, and Premium Extension. Now you go to Backup Setting area. You have to link your DropBox account to take DropBox manual or auto backup. Permission this app to use your DropBox. You can store your backup file into separated folder by clicking Store backup in a sub-folder of the wpb2d app folder and leave a name in the blank field. Set day and time then frequency. Frequency is how often the backup to Dropbox is to be performed for your website. You can exclude any files from your root directory(public_html) by checking on the list under this Excluded Files and Directories. Now simply hit your mouse’s left button on Save Changes blue button. And it’s done! If everything you followed correctly then you can see a new folder in your DropBox account. You will find your backup there.

[This plugin was closed on February 7, 2018 and is no longer available for download. Reason: Guideline Violation.]


Backup WordPress to Dropbox
Backup WordPress to Dropbox


Another great plugin for automatic database and files backup. This plugin I using on my many websites. This plugin also same effective as WordPress Backup to Dropbox. That plugin also functionally same as above plugin. Do not need to take extra pressure. If anyone stack in any position using that both plugin to make your website backup then you should comment bellow or contact me. I will try to reply with a solution as quick as possible.

Download this BackWPup plugin from then follow above instruction Plugins>Add New>Uploads then active it. Same as above explained plugin you can see a new tab under setting section. If you keep mouse pointer on that plugin tab, you will see some options. Dashboard, Jobs, Add New Job, Logs, Backups, Setting, About. Now you go to Add New Job tab.

Job Name: As I used my website name you can use it.

Job Tasks: You can keep the default setting Database Backup, File Backup, Installed plugins list checked then others option unchecked as default.

Backup File Creation: Give a name of your backup file. Use your own website address as database backup name. It will help you to understand easily. Archive Format mark as .zip

Job Destination: Where should your backup file be stored? Select Backup to Dropbox, on click time this check box you can see added new tab upper the setting section.

Log Files: Here give your mail and fill from field.

Now click Save Changes. Here you have done half of work. Now go to To DropBox tab(above site) Authenticate DropBox by clicking Allow button for store your backup file into your DropBox account. You will comeback in your website and show you Authenticated! message. Click Save Changes. Now do your schedule.

Job Schedule: You must select WordPress corn in Start job area to get automatic site backup. Set Schedule execution time as your wish. I prefer to keep it weekly. But you can select any range like hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Click Save Changes.

Now go to DB Backup tab. Look Tables to backup selected every table of your database. Keep this default. Dump file name: keep it default. Dump file compression: keep default. Then click Save Changes. Like this way, you can make change on files or plugin file backup. Don’t forget to click Save Changes after select or deselect anything.

Now your website has backup in secure DropBox account! Be happy and take a deep sleep

Addition help: I had test the backup by download and look the files look like what. I have got a small problem with both this backup plugin file. And I am showing you a way to rid back from that problem. Please watch this video understand all.

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