How to Create Manual Backup of WordPress Website

In this post, I am going to show you how to keep your website backup very easily and quickly. I added all steps picture in explaining. So, I hope you will not fear to do it yourself. Please see here 3 steps to take manual website backup.

Step 1

Login to your website if this is in WordPress. If your website is static so, you don;t need to follow this step. I added this step because most of blog used WordPress CMS. And specially WordPress website fall in security issue more than others CMS or static page. Okay, you just look to your themes. Delete every unnecessary theme, look at that path wp-admin>appearance>themes. So, your backup file will be smaller to download. Also delete every inactive plugins from wp-admin>plugins>installed plugins>inactive. Delete every unnecessary plugin. And try to update themes or plugins if there is due anyone. It can avoid any unwanted bothering situation.

Step 2

Login to cPanel Like this address [with your own website address]. Now goes to web root [public_html]. Click on select all, it will select every file in your root directory. No need to select one by one. Then click on Compress, click on .zip and give a name of your backup. Now download that Archive file into your Computer/Laptop’s hard drive.

Step 3

Now go back to cPanel home. Find phpMyAdmin and click to open it. It will redirect you to phpMyAdmin home. Look to the left side and click on your desired database to be export to backup. Then click on export and click to go. It will start download this database in short time. Note that, download or upload depend on your download and uploads speed.

If your website is static, then you no need to follow step 1 and step 3. Follow just step 2. That’s enough for a static website of there is not integration with any database. If you have a database connection, then follow step 3 too.

I hope you understand how to backup WordPress website manually. If you have any confusion, then feel free to comment below. I’m here to help you as quick as possible. Your every comment is highly valuable for me to improve my tutorial quality in next tutorial.

This video can help you to understand easily. Please watch this video.

Restore site

You need to upload file into your new hosting server, and your-database.sql file will be imported into the newly created database. If you can create a new database as your old one like database name, database username, database password you need just permission of your user to the database. Otherwise, you need to open wp-config file to change database name, database username, database password instead of old database details.

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