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How to Make Money from YouTube?

Over the last several years, YouTube has revolutionized the media. There are over 1 billion different users that visit YouTube each month and 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. With some of the YouTubers uploading videos on a daily basis or destroying an expensive console just to make a video of it, you’ve surely wondered how do they manage to afford that. What started as a simple website for sharing videos is now a full-time job for more than a million YouTubers from all over the world. These lucky people earn money from uploading creative and entertaining content on a regular basis. Today we take a look at the way they make money using YouTube’s Partner Program.

So, what exactly is the YouTube Partner Program? The name is pretty much self-explanatory, it’s a program through which you can partner up with YouTube and bring your video making experience on a whole new level. The program is tailored to help you improve your videos, increase your audience and most importantly, monetize your content through advertisements. You get additional promotion and inclusion in special advertising programs organized by YouTube as well as a host of development programs, analytical tools and community resources that can help you improve your skills. Not a long time ago this program was only available to a selected few who were producing very popular content, but since April last year this program is open to all content creators which match their criteria.

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The criteria are pretty easy to meet too. In order for your channel to be eligible for the partner program, you need to upload original and quality content on a regular basis that doesn’t comply with YouTube’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, and you don’t use any copyrighted material in your videos without the proper permission. If you meet those criteria, and the program is available in your country, you only need to enable your account for monetization and accept the YouTube monetization agreement. Once you monetize at least one of your videos with advertisements, you are considered a YouTube partner.

Monetizing can be achieved by placing advertisements on your videos, either on or near them. There are several different ad formats that you can choose from: Standard and TrueView in-stream ads and Overlay in-video ads. The Standard and TrueView advertisement formats are pretty similar to each other. They are the 15 or 30 seconds advertisements you get ad the beginning or at the end of a YouTube video, and sometimes even in the middle of a video (called Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll or Post-Roll Ads). The only difference is that TrueView ads give users a choice to skip the ad after five seconds if they want to. The last but not least ad format is In-video ads, which shows up on the bottom portion of the video and is usually text-based, although sometimes it can be a banner.

If done correctly, these advertisements can provide incredible results. That’s how more than a thousand YouTube channels have a six-figure yearly income from ads only. These channels are responsible for over 25 million comments and 55 million ratings each month. The advertisement money isn’t their only source of revenue, though. As these lucky few enjoy huge popularity and following, they are also making additional money with selling branded apparel and other products and landing sponsorship deals with big companies. As easy as it sounds, not everyone can become a millionaire thanks to a camera and a website. The average YouTuber makes $0.5 – $2 on a thousand video views which means that without a dedicated fan base and lots of views you won’t be able to earn a living out of this.

With the number of content makers rising every month and the quality getting better and better, it’s only becoming tougher to break through the masses and make a name for yourself. On the other side, the partnership program has become an useful way for people that have already been uploading videos for reasons other than making money to earn something. Read more articles here

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