Advanced Excerpt Plugin Options

How to Remove Auto Excerpt From WordPress Post

Some themes have built in option of posting structure in homepage is insert excerpt. This is sometimes not looking good or maybe you are not like this excerpt system in homepage for SEO benefit. I am showing you an easy way to remove this force excerpt with a plugin. I recommend this Advanced Excerpt plugin to set full post in homepage.

You can see that plugin setting screenshot bellow.

Advanced Excerpt Plugin Options
Advanced Excerpt Plugin Options
  • Excerpt Length: Put 9223372036854775807 as excerpt length & check the box “Use words?”
  • Ellipsis: Remove Ellipsis
  • Finish: Check sentence box
  • ‘Read-more’ Text: Uncheck this box
  • No Custom Excerpts: Check the box
  • Strip Shortcodes: Check the box as default
  • Keep Markup: Keep up check this box as it is.

Then click to “Save Changes” Now you can visit your homepage to see changes.


This plugin doesn’t work on some themes, and this depends on how the themes build up. But most of time this plugin working like the charm. You can leave me a comment if you still in trouble with this excerpt in homepage.

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