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How to Start a Website

Website Creation Tutorial For Beginners
You are welcome to my contextual and informative consultation tutorial post about starting a new website from top to bottom. Here you will learn how to start a website without go to any IT/Webs Solution Center.

Step 1

Register a Domain Name []

Choose your desired domain name that will be your own website address like you want Note that, try to choose your product related name. For example: You wish to sell some product like Lucy olive oil, so then you just try to get a website as near as possible or .net or .biz something like that. Your website address (domain name) is most important for being the success in online. Most of visitor like small and easy rememberable name. So, try to keep your address as small as possible, also choose an easy/common name as much near as possible.

Where to Buy Website Domain Name?

Many domain registrants have on the cloud to register your website.  They are giving you to find your domain name and register with them for some cost. is most popular domain registrant also they are hosting provider. They have world’s no. 1 customer service network to helps customers. Another one is This also top classes domain and hosting provider. is latest top popular domain registrant.  I will discuss details about web hosting in my next tutorial. Now my aim to explain something about domain registration. You can choose one of them to register your domain name for starting your new website. After your registration, you are now finished to start a website building.

Step 2

Buy a Hosting Server/Online Data Storage

This is second step to be ahead into your first website. You can see lots of hosting provider in the net, but everyone is not reliable, secure, user friendly, customer friendly; also the big issue is uptime! Uptime is the most important matter of hosting server. Many hosting providers say they have good server or data center, but most are falsehood! This is strange news but, it’s true! Yes, some server has really good service as world-class. Some are really bad. You need to take a good plan for your website to secure your information and data. Please see their official website for ensuring of their latest offer. For visit please click here, please click here and for, please click here

As you read above, I told you about and you can choose one of that two for reliable and exceptional hosting price. Both of that hosting has many features that help your website to be safe and good.

Warnings! Some website can propose you to use free web hosting. You never use this type of service, because, your website is your asset. I hope you don’t want to lose your website content when your website/blog is proper established. Remember that, free is not good at all! Free web hosting is spoken many features, but maximum features are absent there. Also, this type of server can be discontinued without prior notice even you are unknown! Some free web-hosting provider asks huge amount money for upgrade account after website became popular. I strictly recommend you to buy a reliable web-hosting to avoid any bad experience with you.

Step 3

DNS (Domain Name System)

If you have purchased your website address [domain name] and hosting service now, you can process your next step to start site building. There is two action need to done the process. One thing is to add a domain. DNS information will be provided by hosting provider. Please contact your hosting provider to give your hosting DNS address. Now you need to login your domain registrant account to put this address into DNS (Name Server) area. Usually, DNS address looks like and I am giving you instruction to add DNS into most popular domain registrant website. 

  • Login to your Namesilo account.
  • Click “domain manager”.
  • Select domain name and click “Change Nameserver” above the domains list or directly click domain name and find NameServers ( Change ).
  • Click on Change.
  • Paste your DNS address collected from your hosting provider in NameServer 1: * NameServer 2: field then click Submit.

  •  Login to your Namecheap account.
  • Click to manage domains.
  • Select a domain or check box and click edit selected.
  • From the left side, look General section, under this section an option is “Domain Name Server Setup” click this.
  • There are two options you see as radio icon click “Specify Custom DNS Servers (Your own DNS Servers).”
  • Put there your hosting DNS address as you got from hosting provider and click “Save Changes”.

  •  Login your account.
  • Click My Account.
  • Click Domains.
  • Launch a domain.
  • Look “Nameservers” there you can see “Set Nameservers” click this. A pop-up will come to the screen.
  • Select from radio icon “I have specific nameservers for my domains.”
  • Put your DNS address in first two box Nameserver 1: *  Nameserver 2: * and click OK

Note: Working DNS needs sometimes. Usually, it’s takes 4-10 minutes but, in case need 72 hours to affect change/setup.

Step 4

Setting up Website With Domain Name

This step is more difficult to be confirming for a website builder. Many platforms, many features, many choices. Yes, I’m talking about your website platform, which you should take and why. In this way, you need to be little smart to make a decision.  I’m trying to help you here to choice one according to your needs. It depends on your needs and ability. Mostly blogging sites are using WordPress. Also, many personal portfolio sites were also building by WordPress! Actually, WordPress is dynamic and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly CMS (Content Management System). Maximum users need include with this. Also, you can build your website with HTML and CSS. HTML website is more lite and fast loaded. If you want a simple and lite website then you can choose static page website, otherwise WordPress is the best option for you.

WordPress is very easy to understand, easy for a beginner, search engine friendly, easy customization, one click install thousands of free themes plugins and many more. Many static website is converting for this CMS’s facility, looking, comfortable handle, etc. WordPress is nowadays becoming more powerful by many features. E-commerce is such a feature that allow you to sell your product and give cart facility using E-commerce plugin! Personal portfolio website to E-commerce shopping website, every step is under WordPress! WordPress is great CMS in the cloud.

Now you have learned how to start a website from first to last. I hope you have understood every step that I explained to you. If you have any questions/confusion or need help, please comment bellow to get quick reply. I am always here to help you. If you have learned fully, then it is my pleasure.

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