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Internet Marketing Plan For Business

This is where most on-line business opportunities break down. You join an opportunity and then what? How are you going to get your products and opportunity in front of all those people who you know are just going to love them? No matter how good everything else is – no marketing plan, no business.

The Greatest Internet Marketing Myth

Are you planning to put up a great internet site and then sit back and wait for countless thousands of people to flock to it, buy your products and join your opportunity, and make you rich?  If that’s what you have in mind, look into your pocket right now, because that’s as rich as you’re going to get.

No matter how many media pontiffs, e-commerce software vendors, paid celebrity endorsers, and internet “gurus” tell you that putting up a website is the way to riches, it isn’t true.   There are literally hundreds of thousands of commercial internet sites and the chances of enough people finding your site to make you any, much less substantial, money is slim, as a matter of fact, a lot closer to none.

The fact is that you have to drive traffic to your site before you have a chance of selling anything. The way you “drive” traffic to your websites and what you do with it when it gets there is your marketing plan. A good marketing plan is the only way you are going to make money.

Driving Traffic to Your Web Sites

Ways of “driving” to your site, include:

  • Maximize your site for search engines.
  • Advertise on other internet sites.
  • Advertise in e-magazines.
  • Advertise offline.
  • Buy leads from a lead company.

Search Engines

Today, maximizing your site for search engines has become difficult and expensive. Frankly, at this time, most everything you will read on search engine techniques is out-of-date. Today, there are 4 major categories of search engines, and they all work completely differently.  Within each major category, some sub-categories also work differently. On top of that, each search engine in each sub-category works somewhat differently, and they all change the way they work regularly. In other words, each of your sites can only be maximized for one search engine, and you have to keep changing it to keep up with the changes in that engine. If you want to take advantage of multiple search engines, you need to put up multiple sites and keep them all up-to-date with the changes in each engine. Of course, most of the engines look to see if you have multiple sites, and, if you do, they either delete you from their listings or downgrade your standing. Can it be still be done? Sure, but it’s basically a game for full-time professionals. Also, you should be aware that, with one major exception, listings for commercial websites are no longer free. For example, Yahoo currently wants $299 just to list your site.

Paid Advertising
Paid Advertising

 Paid Advertising

Let’s discuss the next three options as a group. They are all forms of paid advertising. They are all a two-step process. First, you either write your own ads or pay someone to write them for you. Second, you pay someone to run your ads. There are obviously less expensive and more expensive ways to go about doing these two steps, but the bottom line is that you have to a significant amount of time and money without knowing if your ads are good, or if you put them in the right places. The way you figure that out is by testing different ads in different places, in other words, spending more time and money on experiments that may, or may not, make you any money. And you should also be aware that since the dot coms bombed, ad rates are a lot higher than they used to be. Can this work? Sure it can, but its time and money consuming and there’s a long learning curve.

 Leads Companies

When you buy leads from a leads company, the company writes the ads and places them. When people respond to those ads, you purchase those peoples’ names, email addresses, etc., contact them in some manner and send them to your site. This technique has the advantages that you don’t have to spend a lot of time learning to write and place ads and that you are only spending money to reach people who have expressed interest in your product and/or opportunity. The trick here is finding a leads company that is very good (meaning whose ads get people who are directly interested in what you have to offer) gets you the leads very fast (while the people still remember that they asked for the information), and at a price that you can afford.  Frankly, only a few of the existing leads companies deliver what you need at an affordable price, but the ones that do are worth finding.

 What To Do With Traffic

After you come up with a way to drive traffic to your site, the next trick is how you handle it. This is somewhat dependent upon your product and/or opportunity, however, one of the most powerful techniques is “Educational Marketing“. If you think about it, the internet grew up as and is still primarily an informational and educational medium. Most people use the internet to find information. Therefore, “Educational Marketing” and the internet are a natural match. The hard sell is out of place on the internet.

The best way to go about “Educational Marketing” is to refer your prospect customers to information about your product and/or opportunity and let them convince themselves that it is something that they are interested in. The best way to do this is to have multiple websites that educate them on the various aspects of what you have to offer, including third party sites that furnish the important third party validation we discussed earlier.  The more and better information and education you furnish, the better “Educational Marketing” works for you. Read more article here: Internet Tips

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