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What is Blog and How Can I Start It

A blog is very popular platform to publish personal, company, organization’s information and discussion. The blog used to publish content and gives visitors to discuss the topic. That’s the main benefit of the blog site. It was not able to give visitors asking and solve by the author, but blog site providing this facility and it’s getting more popularity higher than higher day by day for writer and visitors both side. No need to be much known in website developer for start blogging career! That makes more attractive for the publisher to choose blog platform. Many open source CMS are available on the web. WordPress is one of top free CMS for manage blog site. Especially, WordPress giving more than expectation of blogger’s hope! Many website already converted HTML to WordPress and many websites are in the process!

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that give every facility for from beginner to expert. WordPress is a customizable system that gives you changing coding facility as your expect. WordPress have worth of capture of taking the crown of CMS king!

Why should I choose WordPress for my blog site?

Nowadays, webmasters depending on Google search traffic. You must need to get help from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well Google search. WordPress is SEO friendly, easily crawlable, and light looking attract visitors mind. You will get many SEO tools on your default WordPress! You do not need to spend huge time for your site optimization! Like, you can easily use tag with post, title of post, description of the post, etc.

Some WordPress themes attached SEO tool, and some themes are not, but you can easily use plugins for doing this. So, you are always free to do everything for your blogging way. That’s why you need WordPress for getting the extra facility on your blogging.

If you can properly utilize your writing experience with proper SEO method, you can shine in blogging without a big pain. Blogging is popular for an older person who already left his job and passing alone time and who want to get some more money for buy something for their grandson/granddaughter.  This is not just for the older person, and you can take it as your profession too! But, you must need to do hard work for getting success. Lots of people are doing this, so why you are thinking still now? Let’s get started your first blog with WebsiteTutorial.info

I will publish many tutorial about How to Start Blogging and Manage Blogging. Also, I will try to give knowledge of statistic web page. I will post about How to build a website with HTML and CSS. I wish to help the beginner who wants to learn really and want quick and easy way to be worthy of managing their own blog/personal website. So, keep connect with Kak Dak. Best of luck!

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